Hi Folks,

My name is Michael Ashley, I am the chef and manager of the Grafton and Summit locations of the Bushel ‘n Peck.  Welcome to our blog. Periodically I will be sharing some news, info and exciting things going on in the world of our deli’s.

For our first installment I thought no better info to share than the creation and origin of the first sandwich! It’s really a quite interesting and unique story that once you hear it you will find the sandwich to be one of the most logical inventions of all time. We may be a little biased on this subject but who is judging…? Well here goes…

In 1762 an English Nobleman, John Montague, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich was too busy gambling playing cards to stop and eat a traditional meal. To solve this dilemma he ordered a waiter to bring him some roast beef between two slices of bread! The thought process behind this was the bread would prevent his hands from being greasy while keeping them free to continue his card game. Thus the creation of the sandwich, you may be familiar with the popular chain of sandwich shops “Earl of Sandwich”. Well now you now you know where it started. While a very immoral and disliked man as history details we do appreciate his creativity in inventing the item that is the building block of our company.

It is our daily mission to bring the sandwich to the next level using unique cheese, meats and vegetables with a variety of breads and sauces to create the perfect bite in every sandwich. Check out not only our dozens of creative menu combos but our daily specials to find your favorite.

Michael Ashley